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What is the Grey School of Wizardry?

Although the Grey School started out as a way to teach the next generation about MAGICK and REAL WIZARDRY, it soon became a school for all ages!

The beginnings of the school occurred before the publication of Oberon Zell-Ravenhart's book - Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard, in February of 2004, and the school actually opened it's doors on the Internet at Lughnasada of 2004.

Since then, the school has grown to be a very powerful and special place for learning in the magical community. There are about 1400 students and over 40 faculty members, from around the world!

The Grey School of Wizardry teaches MAGICK and arcane lore. Although some classes deal with religion, the school does not teach or support any particular brand of religion or spirituality.

As one of the teachers at the school, I can not recommend it highly enough! I've been involved with the school since it's beginning, and love what it has become.

Here are the classes I currently teach at the school.

Divination Department
Dream Interpretation - Year 1 - Credits 2
Mantic Arts, Divination and Augury - Year 1 - Credits 2
Scrying 201: The Black Scrying Mirror - Year 2 - Credits 2
Scrying 301 - Year 3 - Credits 2
The Tree Ogham and Divination - Year 4 - Credits 3

Beast Mastery Department
Beast Mastery 101 - Year 1 - Credits 2
Totems And Familiars - Year 1 - Credits 2

Lore Department
Listening to Legends 201: The Silmarillion - Year 2 - Credits 2
The History of the Ogham - Year 2 - Credits 3
Wizardly Tales of Ancient Wales 501 - Year 5 - Credits 2
Wizardly Tales of Ancient Wales 601 - Year 6 - Credits 2

Magickal Practice Department
The Tree Ogham and Magic - Year 5 - Credits 3

Performance Magick Department
Bardic Magick 101 - Year 1 - Credits 2

Please take the time to visit the school and see if it is a place where you would like to take classes, or just support monetarily so that we can continue our mission to teach!