Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel aka
World-wide Celtic Creed or Kevanvod Tud Donn

Contact: Alain Le Goff, Bothuan, 29450 Commana, (Breizh) France.

Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel (Breton for "Wideworld Celtic Creed") or Kevanvod Tud Donn ("Gathering of Ana's Folk in Breton"), was founded in 1936 by Raffig Tullou (/|\ died in 1990). The Comardiia Druuidiacta Aremorica Uecorectus (an Old Celtic designation meaning : "Armorican Druidical Fellowship of Strict Obedience"), the assembly of its clergy of Brittany and sister fellowships (of Quebec, Canada, America, Germany, Ireland and Northern Italy, Padana).

Goals: the modern world is on an inevitable crash course towards catastrophe - a shared feeling - due mainly by all the forms of pollution secreted: mentally, intellectually, ecologically, … and so on) !

This highly devastating and destructive event will be triggered for one and a number of reasons : atomic wars, proliferation of local conflicts, extensive viral epidemics, economic crashes and political downfalls (the United States of America and Europe after the fall of USSR?), etc.

Druidism hopes to defend its adepts against the effects of such a situation, and assure their survival, both physically and mentally, through the integral pagan reappropriation of ancestral "means", patiently crafted by pass generations, henceforth the imperative for cultural survival.

Publications: Ialon / Kad-Nemeton.

From: Alain Le Goff. Used with permission.