Tuatha de Brighid

Web site: http://www.tuathadebrighid.org/
Contact: Assistant Spirit Chief, Art at artfuljoy@yahoo.com.

"Tuatha de Brighid is a Clan of modern Druids who seek to find common ground amidst all non-harmful spiritual loyalties, and who believe in the interconnectedness of all faiths. Brighid, who is both Goddess of the Gaels and Saint of the Christians, is a fitting Matron for this endeavor, and so we are Her Folk.

We offer a place of fellowship and support to those who would not be limited by labels and dogma. We seek as well to build a worshipping community, where those who would walk the path of kinship with the infinite beauty and diversity of the Divine, can come together in peace and reverence.

We honor all life, all love and all wisdom." (1)

(1) From: http://www.tuathadebrighid.org/