Ord Draiochta Na Uisnech (ODU) aka The Druid Order of Uisnech

Web site: http://www.irishdruidry.org
Email: TriuneCouncil@irishdruidry.org

The Ord Draiocht Na Usinech is a relatively young Order, sharing much in common liturgically with other American Druid Groups. The ODU focuses on distance training of solitary Druids, via the Internet, but groves are encouraged to start when there are more than three or more ODU Druids in one area. Currently there is one grove located in Salt Lake City, Utah and many solitary members scattered across the United States and Canada.

Irish Druidism is the focus of our Order, worshiping Irish deities, invoking the sacred space of the Three Realms and Five Ancient Provinces of Ireland. Study of ancient Druidism is mandated, as well as study of contemporary NeoDruidism, how it developed, where it came from, exploration and discovery of hidden material. The training course is entirely self-paced in the student grade. Initiation is required to advance beyond the student grade of Birch, mandating an initiated member of the ODU come to the student and initiate them and pass on some lore.

One thing the ODU wishes to be known for is study and intelligence in all our students and members. The course is a difficult one, requiring dedicated effort, requiring the investigator to commit to an extended period of study. Once the primary information is learned, practical application of what has been learned is desired. These two focuses, study and application of material in one's life, tends to make the ODU very selective of who is welcomed.

Kenneth R. White, Chief
Daven, Ollamh

From: Kenneth R. White, Chief and Daven, Ollamh. Used with permission.