New Forest Centre for Magical Studies

This is another group that has a warning about it posted on Isaac Bonewit's web site. His warning reads,

“The New Forest Centre for Magickal Studies, run by Douglas Monroe, author of 21 Lessons of Merlyn, is — like other matters he discusses, including his Book of Pheryllt — mostly imaginary. He also has a “ladies auxiliary” called the New Avalon Centre, run by the “Lady of Avalon,” Theresa Worth, author of a book that doesn’t exist from a publishing company that doesn’t exist. Don’t expect to find any authentic Druidry in either group. Instead, you will find sexism, heterophobia, abysmal scholarship, dangerously poor herbalism, Christian ceremonial magic, Newage references to Atlantis, and ego-boosting enticements. Currently, Monroe is hiding out in Mexico from American law enforcement agents. Warning: you will feel really stupid when you wake up…” (1)

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