Le Nemeton Gaulois

Web site: http://www.druides.org/nemeton/accueil.htm
Email: lenemeton@druides.org

The Nemeton Gaulois has been in existence since April 2000, created at the initiative of an OBOD, BDO, and Pagan Federation member. Today, under Syd's direction, it is a genuine group for working, learning, and for Druid religious practice.

Its objectives are to live a Druidry that is specifically Pagan and deeply attached to the sacredness of place, and of the earth as a whole. This group observes the eight Celtic festivals, but also rites of passage, benedictions, etc.

It organizes get-togethers and workshops, and offers, amongst other things, a teaching program on Pagan spirituality based on booklets that can be downloaded off the web.

The Druidry studied is not just another approach in the current Druid landscape, but rather a means to progress along the pathway of a form of Druidry for today's world.

Used with permission of Syd.