Insular Order of Druids (IOD)

Contact: Deborah Heaton-King, 42 Furze Lane, Southsea, Hants, England P04 8LN.
Telephone: 07932339438.

The IOD was founded on the Summer Solstice 1993 by Dylan Ap-Thuin at Stonehenge. Prior to this, he was a Wiccan High Priest for 17 years. The Mother grove is in Portsmouth and other groves are in Worthing, York and Hayling Island.

We organize the seasonal festivals for the Pagan community as well as handfasting, naming and other Rites of Passage. We also join other Druid Orders for worship at Stonehenge and Avebury.

The Order is based on the three druid grades, Bards, Ovate and Druid. Our festivals are open and everybody is welcome to contribute.

For details of our Correspondence Course, festivals or any other information about our Order, please use the contact information above.

From: Deborah Heaton-King, Secretary for the IOD. Used with permission.