Grove of Danu
A Grove in the Celtic Stream of the Cosmic Tradition


"The Grove of Danu is run by my Swiss husband, Christian and I (did you know that there are many Celtic sites in Switzerland, the druids and Celtic monks worked extensively in some areas) with the help of the rest of the grove.

We are situated near the most northerly coast of Northern Ireland and are a small but dedicated group who celebrate the Celtic Festivals together, writing our own rituals and inviting interested friends to join us.

We often number about fifteen at a festival. We work together and separately with meditation, ritual and other spiritual practices.

We also work together and separately with nature, the gods, the ancestors etc., as all Druids do and we very much enjoy visiting the many ancient holy places of our land.

As Druids, we are committed to the healing of the land and as we believe that this healing is deeply and directly related to the healing and transformation of human beings this is where our focus lies.

We are a teaching Grove; someone who is interested can come and learn the basics of the Druid Path and if they wish, they can learn about the transformational and initiatic way. There is no requirement about this and everyone is welcome to join in the celebrations of the festivals.

We work with people on a one to one basis or in small groups, depending on the number of new people at any one time. We do not have a postal course although one of our Grove lives in Scotland – she travels over from time to time.

The Grove of Danu has no membership, nothing you can join. It offers no initiations or titles. We honor the accomplishments of Bard, Ovate, and Druid and find that people are drawn to one or more of these areas of interest and aptitude.

We don’t see them as grades or work with them in specific time frames, as an individual grows and develops her/his aptitudes and talents appear. Some stay with one area for a while and then something else appears, or they may chose to focus on one thing to deepen it over a longer period.

As there is nothing to join there, are no membership costs. When someone comes to learn we do need to cover our expenses and our time, we work out the costs for each person according to the materials provided and the time spent with them.

Everyone in the grove helps with the festivals bringing food and flowers and anything else we might need. These celebrations are offered freely to our visitors.

Christian and I also work as therapists; I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, an energy harmonizing form of bodywork and Christian Practices Thai Massage.
We also offer occasional workshops for which we charge the normal rates.
The Grove of Danu affiliated with The Association of Druids in Ireland (Conradh Draoith e na 'hEireann)."

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