Gorsedd of Bards of Caer Pugetia aka Bards of Turtle Island

Web site: http://silvercrow.com/druid/druid.htm
Email: caerpugetia1@hotmail.com
Snail Mail: The Bards of Caer Pugetia of the Druid Network
1011 Boren Ave PMB # 828, Seattle, Washington WA 98104
Telephone (Travelers): 206-329-6260

We are just over 250 Bards in the Seattle area who hold Gorsedds (bardic meetings) and Eistedfodd (Offerings of poetry, song, and storytelling) eight times per year. As Bards of Turtle Island (America) we have not only natural holy places with ancient trees and forests, native sites, but also modern Henges like the Stonehenge replica in concrete on the Columbia Gorge, or the stone circles made in our era. At this point we have only been able to get access to the Columbia Gorge Stonehenge Monument, for our occasional use. None of these sites are regularly available to us, nor are any of them convenient commuting distance to the city.

Our Goddess is personified as Pugetia, and our God Pugetius or should I say Akrasentansit. For us they are the male and female powers of Puget Sound. There are four offices elected by the Gorsedd and held for a year. These offices are: Goddess Guardian, God Guardian, Priestess and Priest, as well as a purse warden (Treasurer). We aspire to have access to raw land near the city, but we presently meet in Seattle City Parks, Masonic Halls, or other convenient places. Our seven to eight yearly meetings are open to all and are free of charge.
Since we cannot easily bring holy places here from England, we raise money to bring people. We have about 30 fundraising events each year, to raise money for site fees, publishing, and travel expenses.

We were founded in Volunteer Park April 20th, 1997 by Denis Merrill, Emma Restall Orr, Leon Reed and Philip Shallcrass, all of the British Druid Order. That day we empowered about 80 people. We hope you will join us for future events if you are in the area.

From: Leon Reed [caerpugetia1@hotmail.com]. Used with permission.