Glastonbury Order of Druids (GOD)

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The Glastonbury Order of Druids was first conceived of in the late 60’s and early 70’s and finally established in the year 1988, but has it's roots in remote antiquity. Tentative dating of the giant series of earthworks south of the Tor known as the Glastonbury Zodiac are based on the equinoctial sunrise line of 2770 BC, shortly prior to the proto-Druidic foundations of Stonehenge circa 2500 BC.

Archaeological dating has similarly placed the maze or labyrinth around the Tor at circa 1500 BC. Early references record the activity of the legendary Druid Abaris in the region circa 500 BC, thought by some to be the instructor of Pythagoras.

It seems that roughly every five hundred years since then the order is at high peak of activity. The coming of Joseph of Aramathia and the boy Jesus to Glastonbury at the dawn of the Christian era is regarded as fact locally, along with the memory that the Druid Order of the time gave Joseph twelve Hides of land on which to build the first Christian Church in the world after the crucifixion.

500 years later again, at a time when the original message of the Celtic Druid Christian infusion was being lost, Arthur and the Archdruid Merlin strove to preserve the ancient wisdom against the coming of the Dark Ages.

500 years later again, the Celtic Scholar Dunstan, often referred to as the Christian Merlin, unified the Kingdom, wrote the coronation service still in use to this day and re-established much of the old Druidic lore in Christian guise.
500 years later Dr John Dee Elizabeth 1st astrologer, and Edward Kelly, rediscovered the outlines of the Glastonbury Zodiac, claimed to have obtained the philosopher's stone, and substantiated the claim of Elizabeth1 to be Defender of the Faith in Britain in the grounds that Glastonbury received the Christian message over a hundred years before Rome.

500 Years later in our present era, John Michell the antiquary and visionary writer popularised and extended research into Ley Lines of Stone Circles, such that the Ley Lines of Britain are now a common household word. Much of his early work, “The View Over Atlantis”, was written in Glastonbury.

The present heads of the Order Rollo Maughfling and Jacki Paterson have done much to re-establish public performances of the basic elements of Pagan Pre-Christian nature based ritual in both it's Lunar and Solar phases both at Glastonbury and Stonehenge. Traditionally, Glastonbury is the seat of the Archdruid of Britain, and Stonehenge is Britain's High Place of Assembly.

The present day Order acknowledges Glastonbury as the fountain head of three major religions, Wicca, Druidry and Christianity, and Stonehenge as the omphalos of the natural ecology of Britain.

We celebrate May Day, Samhain, Lammas and Imbolc at Glastonbury, because the May Day Sun rises approximately 27.2 N of E, which is the angle of orientation of the Tor and the Ley Line on which it stands.

We celebrate Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Spring and Autumn Equinoxes at Stonehenge, because the Summer Solstice sun rises approximately 47 N of E, which is the angle of orientation of Stonehenge and the Hele Stone and it's Lay Line.

We have been at the forefront of discussions between English Heritage and travellers to promote peaceful celebration there now and in the future.

We encourage the Druid arts appropriate to the spiritual development of those who work with us, Druids and Druidesses.

These are the Bardic skills of music, art, poetry, drama, film, etc. We have two theatres at our disposal; the Magnificent outdoor setting of Glastonbury Abbey for traditional pieces and the unusual indoor ambience of the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms for more Controversial works.

The Ovate skill we encourage relate to alternative medicine, common law, clairvoyance and the magic arts, natural philosophy, ecology and Druidic folklore.

The Druid skills we encourage relate to the performance of seasonal rituals, meditation, solar and lunar knowledge, self-discipline and direction, and the enlightenment of the people through re-enactment of the ancient truths.

Those who wish to join with us are advised that meetings take place mainly in the West Country and the two ancient centres of Glastonbury and Stonehenge, and that it helps to have some practical knowledge of these places beforehand. Spell-weaving, storm-raising, levitation and invisibility take a little longer!

We have just had a new book published, by Thorstons, "The Trials of Arthur:The Life and Times of a Modern -Day King" By Arthur Pendragon & Christopher James Stone.

From: Denny, Faerie Queen, Loyal Arthurian Warband; Archdruidess. G.O.O.Ds / G.O.Ds. Used with permission.