Druidiactos aka Comardiia Druuidiacta Americas

Contact: Uerdruis Taranucnos Esugenos, 2922 S. Marvin Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85730-1755, U.S.A.
Telephone: (520)790-2699.
Email: taranucnos2001@yahoo.com

The contact information is listed above and here is the statement from the current head.

"Druidiactos" was refounded by myself in 1997 several years after the former Uerdruis Tasgos/Tadhg MacCrossan left and the organization went defunct.
Druidiactos, now more correctly "Druidiacta" is now known by two names reflecting an outer and inner circle of membership of Celtic believers.

The "Creddines Celtiaces" is for the Celtic masses at large which form the main membership. The "Comardiia Druidiacta America" comprises our college of Druides which is open to both men and women. Although we support Pan-Celticism our main focus is upon the Gaulish pantheon and we use either reconstructed Gaulish or Ancient Celtic as our liturgical or ritual tongue.

Our C.D.A. and C.C. is based on and closely allied with the Breton Celtic organization in Brittany known as the Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel (Universal Celtic Creed/Faith) and it’s Comardiia Druuidiacta Aremorica Uecorectus (Druidic Confraternity of Aremorica Of The Sacred Law) headed by Uerdruis Gobannogenos (Alain Le Goff).

We are also closely allied with another related Druidic group in Canada, the D.C.E (Druuidica Comardiia Eriutalamonos) which represents the Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel in North America under the name of the Credima Celtica Maraiuerionos. Our term "Druidiacta" (formerly Druidiactos) is the reconstructed Gaulish word for Druidry.

From: Taranucnos Esugenos, Uerdruis (Over druid). Used with permission.

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