The Druid Order, BCUB (British Circle of the Universal Bond), or DO-BCUB

Contact: David Loxley, 23 Thornsett Road, London SE20 YXB, England

The Druid Order traces its origins back to the Pherryllt. The Pherryllt had a Druidic Grove at Oxford and were associated with what is now known as the Celtic Church. In 1166 This Grove of Druids were persecuted by order of the Bishop of Oxford of the Roman Church.

Haymo of Faversham laid the foundations of the present Order, and after his death, Philip Brydodd established the Mount Haemus Grove at Oxford in 1245. In 1717, delegates from Oxford and other Druid centres united to form An Druidh Uileach Braithreachas.

We see ourselves as being Universalistic in nature. We strive to perceive all religions and science as one whole connected movement towards a greater consciousness, in the same way that the three stages of infant, Juvenile and teenager can be seen as one sequential movement towards adulthood. This we call following the path of the Sun or consciousness.

We teach the use of traditional occult ritual along with the principles of nature and there use in everyday living. The study of language from the level of the hieroglyph is also one of our traditional Druidic pursuits.