Corcu Nemedhiann

Contact: with "Druids" in the subject line or
Snail mail to: Croman mac Nessa, Arch Druid, Corcu Nemedhiann, PO Box 414, Waldron, AR 72958 USA

Corcu Nemedhiann (the "Tribe" of Nemedhiu) is an international Celtic Tribalist movement, under the leadership of the Clann Nessa. The Clann Nessa, made up of the Aos-Dána of Corcu Nemedhiann, believes in Honoring the Ancestors, Respecting the Spirits of Nature, and Worshipping the Gods and Goddesses of our Celtic Heritage.

The Clann Nessa lives a Druidic Tradition of Scholarship, "the Nemedhian Tradition," focusing on:

1. the Pagan Traditions of the Celtic peoples and their Diaspora (sometimes called "Old Ways" Pagan Druidism),

2. Celtic Reconstruction (Scholarly Celtic Neo-Pagan Druidism), and

3. Critical Research into the oldest texts and artifacts (non-sectarian Science) related to the Paleo-Pagan Celts, and to their Pagan Religion (Druidism) and other aspects of their Pagan culture (as well as Research into contemporary manifestations of Druidism and Celtic cultures).

Our approach, while similar to both Celtic Reconstructionism and Gaelic Traditionalism, is distinct from either of these, and may be called "Celtic Revivalism," by which we intend "Restoration of Tradition where possible, Reconstruction of Tradition where necessary, and New Creation in a Living Tradition where consistent, within a Celtic, Tribal, Co-operative community."

Our belief is that Druidism and Celtic culture are mutually dependent and inseparable, and that Druidism is best lived within the context of a Celtic Tribal community.

We are, of course, a *cultural*, and not a racial, organization, and do not discriminate on the basis of race or skin color (nor do we discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, or sexual preference). We also admit those who are not Aos-Dána, seeking to be inclusive and recognizing that not everyone is cut out for such roles. Anyone, therefore, who will adopt our culture and contribute to its preservation, protection, and promotion, is welcome to become a part of our Tribe.

It is our goal to establish a physical, academic and agricultural/pastoral, co-operative, Tribal community (with three institutions of higher education to train our Aos-Dána and other Tribes folk, as well as outsiders who wish to learn with us) wherein to live and practice our Cultural Traditions in peace and freedom.

We also, motivated by centuries of longing for freedom and sovereignty on the part of Celtic peoples, and desirous of preserving, protecting, and promoting Celtic culture (including especially the Celtic languages) against the onslaught of the global monoculture and its monolingualism, hope to eventually establish an autonomous co-operative community, with a Celtic language as its first language, on a national or provincial scale, by peaceful and legal means.

Understanding that this will likely take generations, and being adamant about the realization of this goal by peaceful and legal means, we are considering various steps by which we will work towards achieving this goal.

From: Croman mac Nessa, Used with permission.