Celtica Credima Mara-Erionos
(Celtic Creed of Greater-Ireland)
Druiidica Comardiia Eriutalamonos
(Druidic Fellowship of the Great-Western-Land)

"The activities of the Druidical Fellowship of Greater-Ireland or Kredenn Geltiek Iwerzon-Meur in Breton modestly began with the meeting of two neo-druidists from Montreal. These activities were carried under the cover of the Nemeton des Druides du Québec, which eventually in 1990, will become the Diuiciacton.
Then, with the meeting of the venerable druid Gobannogenos with Boutios, Moridunios and Belenios, the D.C.E entered the traditional affiliation of strict observance."

(1) From: http://www.druidnetwork.org/groups/groups/directory/groupsamericas.html