Le Cercle de l'Ambre (CLAM)

Contact: Cercle de L'Ambre, ordre druidique, Normandie - Picardie, Le Hameau Gombault, 50320 LE TANU. Tel : 02 33 61 22 97

The Cercle de L'Ambre was created at Samhain 1999 when the Clairiere de L'Ambre refused to be any longer affiliated with the G.D.G. (Le Groupe Druidique des Gaules). The latter appeared to be infiltrated by the wrong kind of people. The Cercle de L'Ambre defines itself as pagan and polytheist. Monotheists are not welcome, nor are people involved in any politics or racist mouvements.

It has been part of the now dormant Ordre Druidique Mondial. The members are free to come and go as the main aim is to accompany those attempting to finding their own personal and independent way to spirituality. The help given is free of charge. There is no subscription fee.

Since the Cercle de L'Ambre has put an emphasis on spirituality. It accepts the tenets of the old druidic faith that is belief in reincarnation, of the possibility to evolve within an earthly life-time, and of getting closer to the with divine through the means offered by nature.

The robe is white for the druids, blue for the bards and green for ovates. Yellow has been chosen for the guttuaters and purple for Velledes. It is recommanded to wear the purest linen or wool and leather sandles or go bare footed. A head band showing the three rays of light as silver brading adorns the head. The fossilised sea-urchin is the symbol adopted by the group and is worn in a leather pouch around the neck. The Gallic X inscribed into a cercle is used as the Cercle de L'Ambre's logo.

We celebrate, out-of-doors, the eight druidic festivals, hoping to attune ourselves to the Wheel of the Year. We study the oghams as a means of divination. We enjoy also getting into some pratical work like visiting archeological sites and going to lectures. History is one of the strong points of our Cercle.

The Cercle de L'Ambre encourages its members to get closer to nature, to strive towards wisdom and seek truth and harmony with mankind, the animal kingdom and the universe. The CLAM endeavers to reconsecrates ancient pagan sites.

As the leader of druidic clanic extraction moved to Normandie few of the ancient remanant members followed. The Cercle de L'Ambre practices in the middle of a beautiful coutryside.

Becolloudios writes regular letter to other friendly druidic groups. He teaches dowsing and a form ofTy Chi based on trees which he created and called "Suarto" ("freedom" in Gallic). It is very relaxing and has proved itself valuable in many ways.

Presently, the ovate has been researching into the links between ancient Greek philosophies and druidism as a means of find the roots of this very deep school of thought.

From: Becolloudios. Used with permission.