Comardia Druvidiacta (CD)
Nemeton Dearraich OBOD Grove

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In ancient times, sacred groves were sanctuaries and places of worship for our ancestors, the Celtic and Germanic people and their leaders the druids. The Comardiia Druuidiacta began its active phase 30 years ago. Our druidic teaching program is based on traditional lore and includes theoretical as well as practical training. Our aim is to understand the inner self and nature and to give people the opportunity to develop their spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential.

Traditionally there are three grades of initiation: Bards, Ovates and Druids. The Comardiia Druuidiacta organizes and celebrates the yearly seasonal festivals as given in the Mag Tured and Coligny calendar. We have had a tree-planting program for 15 years and have planted thousands of trees and many tree circles of ash, elm and oak etc. We have regularly published our magazine “Abraxas” for 20 years now. The CD organizes many special events (rites of passage), workshops, seminars and weekly meetings. Some of our druids have already been invited to festivals and radio and TV shows as speakers for our traditional natural religion.

The Comardiia Druuidiacta and their Circle of Bards have a special gathering every two years: A Celtic experimental field were all visitors can experience themes like archeology, Celtic philosophy and work with oghams and runes. Included in this field are harpers and other Celtic musicians, a mask theatre, which invites the visitor to find out where he comes from and to find out what natural religion is about. The CD is a non-profit organization, officially registered and a member of KultURgeister, the umbrella organization for our traditional natural religion.

From Volkert Volkmann (Uer Druis). Used with permission.