Brindabella Nemeton

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Located in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

"We are an ever-evolving group who meet on a semi regular basis to celebrate the festivals together in the Druidic tradition. We avoid formalized ritual, preferring instead to encourage freeform and inspired Rituals. Learning and exploring our paths together. We meet whenever possible, to explore Druidic teachings, personal questing & the intensity of relationship with Spirit. We aim to respectfully integrate the teachings and wisdom of our ancestors with the beauty and spirit of the land in which we live.

The Nemeton has been meeting to celebrate together since late 2000 and continues to grow and evolve quietly as people move both within and without our sacred space. As we deeply respect the intimacy of working together in ritual, we do not actively seek out new members but provide avenues for seekers to find us. In keeping with our free flowing ideal of ceremony, our membership entry is via initial contact and online/phone discussion along with personal meeting/s with at least one member. This personal meeting is for questions to be asked and answers to be explored prior to a social meeting with the Nemeton to ensure comfort and awareness of the practices both of the Nemeton and our potential new member. Should all feel comfortable after our social meetings and discussions, we may then invite the potential new member to join us for our next ceremony.

While the Nemeton naturally creates a supportive environment for all members to explore their Druidic path, we have no strict belief, training or study requirements. We do however ask that all members hold a profound respect for the natural world and its laws, uphold the sacredness of life, and respect each individual’s right to hold to their own individual religious beliefs. We encourage each member to utilize the Nemeton ceremonial space as an expression of their own beliefs and (if they so wish) to share them co-operatively with the other members of the Nemeton." (1)

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