Anglesey Druidic Order aka Urdd Derwyddig Mon
"Ail Ddarganfod Ein Hetifeddiaeth Ysbrydol Brodorol"
“Rediscovering Our Native Spiritual Heritage”

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Contact: “Orsedd Isaf”, Llanrhuddlad, Mon, LL65 4BG England. Include a 1st class stamp.

"The Anglesey Druidic Order has been established as a networking order, allowing those with an interest in the Celtic Pagan Path to contact others of similar interests, through workshops, courses, rituals and gatherings. We offer an informal setting at our custom built facility known as “The Gorsedd Centre”.

Our aim is to encourage the re-growth of our unique spiritual heritage and promote the essence of Native Celtic Spirituality upon this sacred island. Our rituals, held at Calan Mai (May Day) and Calan Gaeaf (Hallows Eve) will allow for the expression of the spirit of Celtica through music, poetry, dance etc, and the acknowledgement of the relationship between tribe and land, human and human.

Anglesey was the most important location in Iron Age-Celtic Britain, Gorsedd to the Druids of the Isles of Prydain. By working with the land and its essence we hope to awaken this sacred landscape and unlock those voices hidden within it, it has taken two thousand years for a Druidic Order to be established once more on Anglesey, would you like to help us grow and develop?" (1)

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