Albidatla Druidion Arduina (ADA)

aka Assemblée Universelle des Druides d’Arduina

Contact Address: Ronxhy 72, 4960 Bellevaux, Belgique.

Albidatia Druidion Arduina (Universal Druids Assembly of' Ardiiina) finds its origins in the clanical druidism of Brittany in the years 1990. Our group is established in the high-hill forest of the Ardennes in east Belgium, on the territory of our ancestors EBURONS and TREVIRES.

We celebrate 8 festivals in the year: the 4 known rituals: SAMONIOS, IMBIOLCA, BELOTENIA, LUGONASATIS; the 2 solstices SAMARA and GEIMROS; and the 2 equinoxes ESRACOS and VOGIEMOS. All rituals are celebrated in our oaks-NEMETON, in the forest. The therefore used language is French and old Gallish for the incantations.

Formation: after first contact, meeting, and approval from the active members, the candidate becomes TORCOGENQS/NA ("young wild boar"), and follows a first initiation in fundamental ways: history, mythology, symbolism, creeds, conceptions of the universe, Near this basic apprenticeship, the candidate is initiated at the traditional sciences and arts of his future chosen function: BARD or OVATE. Women and men follow the same admitting conditions and formations. The time of nomination depends from the work and the regularity of each member. It takes generally 3 years and more. The whole grade of "druid" is reached according to experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

All teachings are traditional and are attested by mythology, history, archaeology, or inherited traditions. Respectful towards the Celtic heritage, we refuse all kind of esoteric amalgams, and new-age contaminations.

Near the instruction, we insist a lot over the daily practice of sciences and arts of each druidic function: the practice is the only real way of realization: it brings mastery and comprehension, gives experience, preserve from virtuality and showy intellectualism.

Three branches to maintain: Instruction, Ability, wisdom.

From ADA. Used with permission