South Central Druid Coalition

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The purpose of the South Central Druid Coalition is to foster the goals you will see below in support of our path, and our regional area of service covers Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Eastern Kentucky, and North-East Mississippi. Formed in May of 2003, the SCDC is comprised of and open to all orders, groves, and Druidic organizations in our region. If you have an order, organization, or group dedicated to Druidism and wish to be listed for this region, please contact us through our website. Anyone wishing to find regional groups in our area, refer to the listings on the SCDC site, or inquire at the address listed for additional information.

The goals of the SCDC are:
• To provide greater visibility for Druidism in this region.
• Provide networking opportunities and contacts for those on or wish to be on the Path of Druidism.
• Provide support for the projects of the various orders and organizations.
• To improve regional, national and international communications within the discipline.
• To work toward better regional organization of events and seasonal activities.
• And in future, to provide a vehicle for a united voice in local, regional, national and international matters that concern us all.

From Jan Graham-McMillen. Used with permission.