North East Druid Coalition (NEDC)

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Formed in August of 2003, the NEDC is comprised of and open to all orders, groves and Druidic organizations in our region. The North East Druid Coalition covers NJ, NY, PA, MA, CT, RI, VT, ME, NH, and Ontario, Canada.

The purpose of the North East Druid Coalition is to foster the following goals:

To provide greater visibility for Druidism in this region.

Provide a vehicle for a united voice in local, regional, national and international matters that concern us.

Provide networking opportunities and contacts for those on or wish to be on the Path of Druidism.

Provide support for the projects of the various orders and organizations.

To improve regional, national and international communications within the discipline.

And to work toward better regional organization of events and seasonal activities.

We recognize that modern Druidism encompasses many paths, therefore no group shall claim precedence over any other at our gatherings. In keeping with the tradition of Druids throughout history we hold that Druids are men and women of peace and integrity, serving as teachers, philosophers, ambassadors, judges, seers, lawyers, healers, poets and bards for their tribes.

From Christopher A. LaFond. Used with permission.