International Grand Lodge of Druidism (IGLD)

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The International Grand Lodge of Druidism is the body which provides a link between the majority of the existing national organizations of the United Ancient Order of Druids. It was founded in 1904 and held the first world congress in 1908. The Ancient Order of Druids in the UK is also an affiliated body.

IGLD Objectives

To bring into closer union all Druids of the world without distinction of religion, rank or riches, language or nationality

To promote methods of securing financial aid to members and their dependents, in furtherance of the financial arrangements of each affiliated Order

To promote international peace and fraternal goodwill

To co-operate for the extension of Druidism into countries where no lodges exist

To establish fraternal recognition by an international password whereby a Druid migrating to another country may obtain a brotherly welcome

To do all in its power to arrange receptions for Brethren visiting countries other than their own

To promote an interchange of correspondence between brothers overseas

It appears that they have members in the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and UK.

From the IGLD web site and others.