Council of British Druid Orders (COBDO)
'Y gwir erbyn y byd' - The Truth against the World.

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Contact: Liz Murray, Liaison Officer, BM Oakgrove, London WC1 N 3XX, UK (An SAE would be much appreciated.)

The Council developed out of discussions between four Druid Orders, some of whose members met at the Summer Solstice of 1988, at Stonehenge. That year saw unpleasant scenes following the imposition of a four- mile exclusion zone around the Henge to prevent those who had previously attended an annual free festival there from gaining access to the site. These Orders decided to meet regularly to discuss problems surrounding Stonehenge and other issues of mutual interest. Quarterly meetings began in May 1989 and over the next few years, several other groups joined us.

In 1995/1996, three Orders resigned from CoBDO, unhappy, among other things, with its increasingly confrontational and political stance. However, this stance got results! The Heads of three other Orders, in particular, had been vociferous in pursuing the issue of access to Stonehenge. Subsequently, especially due to one of these, meetings were set up by English Heritage to bring together interested parties at a 'Round Table'. These discussions resulted in free and open access to the Stones being restored for the Midsummer dawn in 2000 and yearly since then.

We currently have - conservative assessment, some being less active at present - 16 Full Member groups. In addition we have a dozen or so Associates including foreign Druid Orders and academics as well as contacts with diverse other organizations and individuals.

We function primarily to bring heads and representatives of Druid groups and Orders together but are always happy to answer any questions or queries about Druidry from members of the public.