ArkOkla Druids

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We belong to a group of students of Druidism and Celtic Reconstructionism, from various organizations and orders that meet casually and more formally for seasonal rites in person.

Because many of us who belong to ArkOkla come from a variety of Druidic disciplines, including the British Druid Order, The Henge of Keltria, Llys Don, the Nemedhian Tradition, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, the Order of Whiteoak as well as members who regard themselves as Independents, it is appropriate to focus on our commonly held beliefs.

Our E-Group, ArkOkla Druids, is our Internet home where we can be contacted for information.

The use of e-groups has been a wonderful tool in bringing the Druidic community into contact, but we believe the complete practice of Druidism is at its best when those on the Path can meet in person, build community, share the knowledge that enhances the personal rites of the discipline, and practice the seasonal rites in a group setting. If you are a student of Druidism and live in driving distance from West-Central Arkansas, we invite you to visit our website for more detailed information.

From Jan Graham-McMillen. Used with permission.